Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Integrated solutions to enhance the environment and protect people from bushfires.

The 5 “E’s” drive Ecotide’s work.

Ecotide Logo bottomECONOMICS

We understand the imperative to deliver best value for clients to ensure a successful business and viable outcomes. We ground our solutions in commercial competitiveness and integrated business processes that demonstrate improvements and reduce impacts on the environment.


We don’t lose sight of the fact that all our clients are people and therefore treat them the way we would like to be treated. Employees are encouraged to see multiple perspectives and attempt to deliver a professional, best practice outcome that balances the needs of all parties.


We are committed to providing our employees with skills and opportunities for continuous learning and best practice competencies to deliver in our sector. This in turn translates to demonstrable innovation for clients through practical and leading edge solutions.


We consider a healthy, natural environment the bedrock of all functioning societies and businesses. We implement environmental strategies to reduce our own business impact and assist others to foster synergies between a better environment and improved quality of life.


Open and honest behaviours within the company and towards all our clients are promoted through the application of our agreed values, behaviours and guiding principles. We act professionally and hold ourselves accountable to our code of ethics.