Alternative Solutions to the BMO

Ecotide are able to provide alternative solutions to the BMO. Through liaison with CFA, DEPI and relevant Local Councils and landowners, we have developed a comprehensive range of alternative solutions that are acceptable under the BMO.

Ecotide - Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

These can include:

  • Additional bushfire construction requirements

Additional construction requirements can increase the bushfire protection of a building and its inhabitants. This may include increased BAL levels, and passive bushfire protection systems such as bushfire sprinkler systems.

  • Advanced bushfire analysis

Ecotide are capable of performing advanced bushfire analyses of sites. This includes fuel load assessments and advanced defendable space calculations.

  • Bushfire Emergency Management Plans

Ecotide’s Bushfire Emergency Management Plans utilise an Australian Standard, and align with the CFA’s recent draft Emergency Management Plan template. Using a risk based approach, we identify and treat risks specific to your needs. These plans are targeted at function centres, accommodation, schools and other places of assembly. The plan can also include an Bushfire Emergency Plan to summarise the procedures and responsibilities, and a Bushfire Action Plan targeted at patrons.

Recent Examples of Alternative Solutions to the BMO

Ecotide-Bushfire Emergency Management PlanLorne Accommodation

Ecotide provided a solution to the difficulties faced in gaining approval for this accommodation in a high bushfire risk area. The integral component of this alternative solution was a detailed Bushfire Emergency Management Plan, with triggers and procedures for closing and evacuating the accommodation when the risk is high.


St Andrews Community Centre

High level liaison with CFA and DEPI at Regional and local levels was involved in Ecotide’s development of a Bushfire Emergency Management Plan that treated the preparation and operation of this unique community centre.

Ecotide - Accommodation Bushfire Assessments

Warburton Accommodation & Function Centre

This accommodation and function centre was faced with significant difficulties in meeting the requirements of the BMO. Ecotide’s solution, negotiated with CFA and Council, included an advanced bushfire analysis that assessed fuel loads, and included a Bushfire Emergency Management Plan