BMO Amendment – Wye River & Separation Creek

The outcome of the Wye River-Jamieson Track fire and the post-fire analysis performed by the CSIRO/CFA was the amendment of the Colac Otway Planning Scheme (C89). This amendment bypasses the current regulations for those that are re-building their houses in the two townships of Wye River and Separation Creek, and exempts those properties from requiring a permit to remove or lop vegetation for the purposes of creating defendable space.

The amendment adjusts some of the BMO requirements for these properties by applying standard conditions across the areas. This includes:

  • Defendable space to the property boundary, or as in the standard table of the BMO
  • BAL ratings assessed previously for these properties can still apply
  • Mapped BAL ratings have been applied to both Wye River and Separation Creek (see below)
  • The changes also shift the authority for assessing these permits to the application

This schedule shows that many of the lots along the boundary of the townships are rated as BAL Flame Zone, with the majority of the two towns rated as BAL 40. This is likely to result in a significant cost increase in the redevelopment of dwellings in the towns to comply with these high standards of bushfire protection.

Wye River - BAL Rating Map (Ecotide)

Mapped BAL ratings for Wye River and Separation Creek