BAL Report

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

BAL Report - BAL AssessmentA Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment is required for properties within moderate bushfire risk areas, known as Bushfire Prone Areas. The BAL rating is calculated using the methods outlined in the Australian Standard (AS3959) Building in Bushfire Prone Areas. The BAL rating corresponds with specific building design and construction material options to protect your home from bushfire impact.

The simplified process is a straight-forward calculation that factors in the slope under the vegetation, the type of vegetation, and the distance of this vegetation from the house. Standard forms and calculators are available on the internet for property owners to refer to.

Ecotide are experts in bushfire assessments and we are therefore able to provide BAL assessments for properties in that either do not simply fit the standard assessments or require the advanced BAL Method 2 calculations.

BAL Report - Bushfire Attack Level Reports

If you choose Ecotide to complete your BAL assessment, you will receive:

  • A report within 1 week.
  • Expertise assessment and advice.
  • A BAL Method 2 calculation (if required).

You can be assured that your assessment is appropriate for your location and bushfire risk, providing you with the best possible outcomes.

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For more information on BALs and Bushfire Prone Areas, visit our Frequently Asked Questions

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