Accommodation in the BMO

Accommodation in the BMO also require a Bushfire Management Statement. Accommodation can include:

  • Camping and Caravan Parks
  • Group Accommodation
  • Host Farms
  • Hostels
  • Bed and Breakfasts

Accommodation in the BMO

We are capable of advanced bushfire analysis to determine an alternative solution to accommodation in the BMO. This often involves the preparation of a Bushfire Emergency Management Plan that complements the Bushfire Management Statement. The Bushfire Emergency Management Plan analyses the risks to the accommodation, and details treatments to mitigate or minimise these risks.

Recent Example:

Ecotide has recently been involved in completing a Bushfire Management Statement for accommodation in the town of Lorne. Due to the difficulties for the proposal in meeting the standard requirements of the BMO, an alternative method of assessment was applied. This alternative approach, negotiated with CFA, included Bushfire Emergency Management Plan (BEMP) to complement the BMS.