Subdivision in the BMO

To enable compliance with the planning provisions of the Planning Act (44.06-2 Sub-Division) Ecotide provides comprehensive subdivision Bushfire Management Statement for a subdivision in the BMO (2 lots to over 100 lots) that satisfies the bushfire planning requirements for subdivisions.

Features of these reports are:

  • Sub-division planning criteria are addressed relative to the bushfire risk.
  • Bushfire Management Overlay process applied and integrated with solutions.
  • Bushfire Attack Levels estimated for Lots.
  • “Setback distances and defendable space” are estimated using the  Bushfire Management Overlay and advanced bushfire analysis if required.
  • Permit specifications are recommended.
  • Vegetation Quality Assessments (VQAs), offset management plans and reports from our alliance with Ecology Consulting Pty Ltd.



Ecotide provides the advantage of addressing a subdivision in the BMO as a whole. Advantages are that it is possible to “overlap” the requirements for vegetation management between sites and therefore optimise each lot while minimising the loss of vegetation. Increased fire protections measures can be built into the design phase to accommodate fire service access and water supplies.

Subdivision in the BMO

Ecotide deliver a completed bushfire report for a subdivision in the BMO within 4 weeks of the process of consultation.

If you would like more information on the Bushfire Management Overlay process please refer to our information here.

Useful Link: CFA website for Subdivision criteria