Bushfire Emergency Management Plans

Bushfire Emergency Management PlanBushfire Emergency Management Plans (Bushfire EMPs) are a bushfire emergency plan, risk management document that can accompany a Bushfire Management Statement as part of an alternative solution referred to in the Planning provisions.

This approach may be applied to developments such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Schools
  • Places of Assembly

A Bushfire Emergency Management Plan provides:

  • A risk management approach based on AS/NZ 31000:2009
  • Emergency management approach based on AS3745
  • Detailed treatments to mitigate or minimise the risks
  • A prioritised works plan for treatment implementation
  • Simple to follow triggers and responses in a bushfire emergency
  • A Bushfire Action Plan for patrons to follow

Ecotide have proven experience in developing Bushfire Emergency Management Plans that forms part of an alternative solution to the BMO, with successful implementation and acceptance by the Fire Authorities.

Recent Example:

Ecotide - bmo alternative solutionsWe have recently used these Bushfire Emergency Management Plans to complement a Bushfire Management Statement as part of an alternative solution.

A Bushfire Emergency Management Plan (Bushfire EMP) was used to resolve the difficulties of redeveloping the St Andrews Community Centre. The community centre had been stalled due to bushfire and vegetation management issues. Ecotide were able to negotiate a resolution between CFA, DSE, and Melbourne Water to enable to the development to proceed. The Bushfire EMP helps to improve planning and preparedness, safety outcomes, and provides clear triggers and actions.

A similar approach was used for accommodation in the township of Lorne. This project was particularly challenging due to its location at the rear of a coastal town, surrounding forest vegetation, and the various age and cultural demographics that visit the accommodation. A key part of this project was the customised Bushfire Action plan for guest rooms that can informs patrons of the appropriate actions in a bushfire and communicates relevant bushfire awareness information.