Council Bushfire Management Plans

Ecotide’s Council Bushfire Management Plans can be customised with strategies for a range of clients, including:

  • Strategic bushfire management planning for State governments;
  • Municipal Fire Prevention Planning;
  • Park & Reserve Bushfire Protection;
  • Ecological assessments and conservation planning from our alliance with Ecology Consulting Pty Ltd.

Bushfire Management Plans - Municipal Fire Prevention Planning

We deliver comprehensive bushfire management plans using the Australian/New Zealand standard risk analysis framework and a proven emergency management approach to planning that involves analysis of preparedness, prevention, response and recovery phases and the use of Emergency Management Australia principles.

This enables clients to:

  • Manage bushfire risk;
  • Customise a plan and modular approach for staff to undertake bushfire work;
  • Deliver strategic plans that exceed government statutory expectations;
  • Provide a prioritised work plan for delivery and budgeting;
  • Increase staff awareness and capability to manage bushfires.

Ecotide has over 25 years of specialist knowledge and experience in bushfire emergency management and was a winner of the 2008 RACV Fire Safety award.

Bushfire Management Plans - Reserve Bushfire Prevention PlanningRecent Example:

Ecotide have experience in undertaking broad scale bushfire management planning for land managers, including Councils.

A previous Ecotide project reviewed the parks and reserves within the City of Casey, prioritising at risk locations and providing details management prescriptions. With a variety of landscapes and land uses, in addition to being the most populous municipality, the City of Casey faced complicated and technical challenges in relation to bushfire management. The plan integrated and complemented existing plans, and provided the municipality with the knowledge to manage and reduce their bushfire risk.