Event Bushfire & Emergency Plans

Ecotide have the capability and experience to undertake event bushfire and emergency plans for music festivals and events throughout Victoria. Our Event Bushfire & Emergency Management Plans (EMP) optimises the chance that your bushfire risk is reduced, and the appropriate event emergency plan procedures are in place.

Event Emergency Plans - Bushfire Emergency Management PlansEvents may include:

  • Music festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Cultural festivals
  • Jamborees

The EMP will:

  • Incorporate a risk management approach in accordance with AS31000:2009
  • Detailed treatments to mitigate or minimise the risks
  • A prioritised works plan for treatment implementation
  • Simple to follow triggers and responses in a bushfire emergency

Recent Example:

Ecotide - Event plansEcotide’s previous work has included Lorne’s Falls Festival,  Meredith and Golden Plains Music festivals, all of which required robust bushfire emergency management planning to assure event overseers that it could safely be operated, and to ensure that patrons of festival would be kept safer in a bushfire emergency.

The Meredith Music Festival, one of Victoria’s iconic music festivals, depended upon an Ecotide Emergency Management Plan to prepare and organise the emergency management and operations of the event. The plan has helped to reduce risks and maximise safety for the patrons of the event, which is critical for a festival held during December within the Fire Danger Period.