New BMO Implemented

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) changes have been implemented on 31/7/2014. The new provisions are available to view on the DPCD website:

44.06 –

52.47 –

52.48 –

66.03  –

These changes are currently new and untested, and it is expected that additional clarity will be provided in time by the CFA. Our current assessment of the new provisions has highlighted the following:

  • Defendable space is based on AS3959 FDI 100 distances, which will be managed only as inner zone. This means that defendable space is effectively reduced.
  • Properties in residential zones (Neighbourhood Residential Zone; General Residential Zone; Residential Growth Zone; Urban Growth Zone; Low Density Residential Zone; Township Zone; Rural Living Zone) can:
    • Be built to BAL Flame Zone
    • Have defendable space to the property boundary
    • Be built to a lower BAL if a bushfire bunker is provided on the property
  • Properties not in residential areas will require a detailed landscape assessment as part of the report. This significant increases the reporting requirements for these properties.

Ecotide are now offering reports under the new BMO provisions. We are also able to translate our older reports into the new report format. Contact us now to find out more.

We will be updating our FAQ page within the week to provide more details.