Client Testimonials

The following feedback from past clients highlights the experience, expertise and level of client satisfaction Ecotide demonstrate throughout all of our environmental consultancy services:

lisalogoSustainable Environmental Workshops
Niki Vincent, Chief Executive Officer, Leaders Institute of South Australia

“Paul’s work was creative and cutting-edge. He was prepared to take risks in exploring and applying some really innovative processes and tools that are now emerging in response to the increasingly dynamic and complex problems that organisations and communities are facing. These tools, and the think-tank project in general, were aimed at expanding the ways in which its participants made sense of the world – to help them become more deliberative, responsible, adaptable and competent in carrying out their work.

Paul guided participants gently but firmly through the application of these tools and processes, helping them to get out of their comfort zones, to develop personal and system insight, and to learn to trust themselves and others in an effort to bring the range of talents, skills, experience and knowledge available in the group to bear on the issues at hand. In doing so, Paul was able to harness the collective intelligence of the group to offer our client some important insights into how it could evolve to more holistically address the core and significant problems it is facing.

Feedback from the departmental CEO and other executives was that the process was extremely valuable and the outcomes really insightful – and very useful. Most other participants also reported that they had found the experience personally transformative and very worthwhile.

I look forward to working with Paul again on many projects in the future. Apart from the positive outcomes achieved in this project, I found working with Paul energizing and intellectually stimulating. He is also committed, calm, and very reliable – which makes for a smoother ride on challenging projects with diverse participants such as this one”.

RBGCBushfire Management Planning
Bill Mallinson, Manager, Land Management and Infrastructure, Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne (RBGC)

IMG_0990“Ecotide’s preparation of the RBGC Fire Management Plan gave us the perfect base from which to launch a truly focused and accountable fire management program. The Plan’s risk management framework, which Ecotide proposed and delivered, enabled us to tease out all the various elements of our business which relate to fire, assess them, give them context, prioritise them and provide clear actions to deal with them.

Through Paul Barnard’s experience, focus and expertise, Ecotide were able to deliver a complex project on time and within budget. Paul managed subtler aspects of the project, such as the negotiations with stakeholders, with diplomacy and skill. Project hurdles were overcome with careful thought, persistence and a good sense of humour!

The result for us is a comprehensive and relevant Fire Management Plan which we are actively using to drive and progress our fire program”.

inform logo 2010Bushfire Assessment and Approval
Chris McKimm, Director of Inform Design

coote av3“We engaged Ecotide to provide a Wildfire Management Plan for our subdivision in Blairgowrie. We realised that approval for our proposal hinged upon Ecotide’s success, as our progress had been halted for some time by deliberations between CFA, DSE and local Council.

Ecotide’s approach was collaborative and succinct, and they arranged a meeting between us and the departments to discuss our proposal. By suggesting an alternative approach to the issues, Ecotide acknowledged and helped reconcile the differing viewpoints of the parties.

Their overall analysis then provided us with a detailed, practical and understandable Wildfire Management Plan that applied to the specific circumstances of our site. This plan was able to balance the sometimes competing objectives of conservation of the native flora and fauna and the need for protection from bushfires to produce a “win-win” situation.

Thanks to their expertise, we were finally able to obtain approval from all the departments involved. We would highly recommend Ecotide, as their experience and handling of the situation was critical to the approval of our project”.