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Wondering how to make small swaps in your life? Well you’ve clicked onto the right website! 

Have a look at some of the small ways the team at Eco Tide have made swaps in their everyday routine and how you can too.

  1. Plastic Straws: Did you know Australians use about 10 million plastic straws a day? A DAY! This equates the consumption of plastic straws to 3.5 billion plastic straws a year. Straws are one of the most common polluting agents in our oceans, beaches, rivers and harming beautiful marine life along the way. Plastic will also never biodegrade in our oceans, instead, it will break down over hundreds of years into microplastics. Microplastics are a huge issue as they are ingested by marine life causing animals to die from starvation due to the animal's digestive tracts becoming blocked.
  2. Balloons: Like straws, balloons end up in the ocean. We understand balloons can really enhance a room, especially when you have a party. However, you must know that balloons are one of the deadliest plastics for sea birds. Not only are the plastics from balloons dangerous, the sticks that come with them are just as harmful for marine life.
  3. Plastic Bags: They are one of the biggest contributors in plastic pollution and they are incredibly damaging towards the environment. Every year worldwide, between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used. Australians alone use up to 50 million garbage bags and they end up as trash floating in the Pacific Ocean. 
  4. Coffee Cups: How great do you feel once you’ve had your morning coffee? Ready for your day to start, energised and feeling on top of the world like you can conquer anything. But did you know that Australians go through roughly 1 billion coffee cups a year? And did you know that coffee cups have a plastic lining made from polyethylene that make them virtually waterproof? This means that they never biodegrade and can’t be recycled with your normal paper products! 
  5. Plastic Bottles: An easy option when you’re at the petrol station and need something to quench that thirst. You pick up a water bottle for $2 and you go on your way not thinking about the massive repercussions they have on the environment and marine life. Most of the time they are not disposed of correctly and can end up in our oceans. They require a massive amount of energy to manufacture and never biodegrade. A plastic bottle will remain in our environment forever.

What can you do? 

  1. Plastic Straws alternatives: The best solution for plastic straws is to not use them in the first place! However, we understand that there can be many circumstances in which an individual needs to use a straw in their daily life. There are many eco friendly solutions for this problem such as: Metal, Bamboo, Paper, Pasta & Rice Straws. Don’t forget to check out our Eco Tide straw packs as well.
  2. Balloons alternatives: Though they can create a beautiful decorative piece for a party. We suggest you try the following: bubbles, paper, fabric, wooden, flowers and natural decorations.
  3. Plastic Bag alternatives:  Let’s be honest, plastic bags are not nice to look at. There are so many beautiful and funky alternatives that we can suggest starting with our Eco Tide Shopping Tote Bag, canvas, calico, reusable paper, polypropylene green bags, jute and hessian. All these materials mentioned are biodegradable.
  4. Coffee Cups alternatives: To be honest, the easiest and best way to fix the issue with coffee cups is to have a coffee at the coffee shop. I mean who doesn’t like to be looked after. However, we understand that most people need to have their coffee on the ‘go’ and we suggest glass, porcelain and the ever popular ‘keep cups’.
  5. Plastic Bottle alternatives: Though we know we can’t remove all plastic bottles for the moment, our recommendation would be to make the switch to glass or stainless steel options. Try to make sure you are refilling your water bottles and not buying plastic bottles as it is easier. 

We hope that you have loved reading some of our tips in our you can make some easy swaps to your daily life and maybe even learned something new.  

If you think we have forgotten something or want to let us know other easy swaps, please let us know. 



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Wow Kimi very interesting read. Congrats on making a huge difference. We need to set something like this SA. 👌👍

Murley Moodley March 05, 2020

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