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Our journey began when we were taking a walk with our beautiful dog Sabi, along our local beach from Wanda to Boat Harbour in Sydney’s south and noticed all the rubbish that was washed up with the tide to our beautiful shores. 


We decided to take a photograph of it and upload it to Instagram for everyone in our community to see. This is where our pilgrimage in learning how to combat plastic waste began and that’s when Eco Tide was formed.

Whenever we went for a walk to the beach, hiking in our national parks or boating in our local bays, we made it our mission to #cleanupthebay and hoped others saw the small impact we were making. 

Through our Instagram page, we realised how many different people around the world were creating different initiatives and support groups to combat plastic waste and we wanted to do our bit as well. We started to create awareness by talking about different events around the world that were happening at the time or laws that were getting passed in different countries. 

We decided to make small swaps in our everyday life by cutting out plastic straws and using metal straws, changing from plastic toothbrushes and using bamboo toothbrushes and also using reusable metal bottles etc.  

While dealing with the issue of plastic waste, we realised that we wanted to change our daily routine and needed something different. 


We came up with different ideas on how we could change our lives. We both knew we wanted to help people but we weren’t sure how. 

That’s when we started to wonder whether we could turn our hobby of creating awareness about plastic waste into something more. We realised that we could help people live more sustainable lives by showing them how easy it is to make small changes in your lives by swapping out certain products you use daily (like we did).

We understand that life is hectic and our aim is to help you reduce your plastic waste and assist you in finding plastic free alternatives to your busy lifestyle. 

We aren’t perfect and we never claim to be! We are all humans and we are going to make mistakes. But what does matter is that we are making a conscious effort everyday and taking steps to minimise our plastic consumption. 

We only have one earth! Let’s take care of it.

Over the course of our journey we will aim to keep you updated on all new products we will be launching. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and don’t forget to tag us using your ‘Eco Tide’ products. 

Please let us know if there are any products you would personally like us to add to the store and we will endeavour to find the solution for you. 

We hope that you will join us on this journey and change with the tide! 

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Well said … Indeed we only have one earth to take care of. Let’s leave a better one for the future generations to come.

Kimera Kagwa March 12, 2020

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